Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Morning Turkey Trot

Nothing can compare to the feeling of cold at the 2000 NCAA Cross Country Championships in Ames, Iowa, but this year's Thanksgiving morning Human Race 5k in Draper wasn't exactly warm. We got ready for the 8:00 am race in 20 degree weather, and although the sun came up during the run, the temperature didn't change much.

Before the Race began - we are still pretty warm here.
Here is Stefanie with about 100 meters left in the race. Her face and hands are numb. If you look closely you can see that her fingers are bending in all different directions.
Stef tried to stop her watch (there was no official timing or results), but her hands stopped working because of the cold. I had her at 19:18. She was the first female to finish and they even gave her a $50 gift card to Ikea (whatever that is). 2nd place (me) got nothing.
Brooke always has a solid finish. I really like the purple, bright orange, pink headband, and striped gloves combination.
Matt, Amanda's boyfriend, is happy to be finishing. (He actually beat Brooke by about :15 - in case the order of photos is misleading)

We told Amanda that it isn't actually mandatory to Trot like a Turkey in these races, but she said she thought it would help her run faster, plus it for sure looks cooler.
Stefanie's hands were so cold after the race that she was actually crying (irrational fear of frostbite). I shouldn't have laughed at her.
What a cute picture of Amanda and Matt.
Here is the whole group, minus Preston & Linden, who were also in the race. I tried to take their finishing picture, but some kid's big head got in the way (I didn't post that picture).

After the race, we hurried out to Riverton for the annual Turkey Bowl. Only this time we weren't facing the Pooles (they chickened out for better weather in Vegas). Instead it was the Talleys (Dad, me, Justus, Luke, Stefanie, and Kellie) against Brooke and Amanda and the Larsens (Bishop and his 2 kids). We kept the losing tradition alive. 54 to 47. That has got to be 8 years in a row. The team was really missing Dianne and Kiley.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can you say . . . St George Marathon?

Stefanie has gotten back into running this year, and she is getting pretty darn fast.
Here she is working out at the new track in Syracuse - Ashlyn loves to go play while Stef runs.
Upcoming races: Human Race 5k (Thanksgiving), Simplot Coach's Mile, Moab 1/2 marathon (March), some of the Utah Circuit Races in the summer, then possibly the St. George Marathon (October). This from a girl who said she will never run a marathon. Needless to say, I am excited for her :)