Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trip to San Diego

Stef and I took Ashlyn on a quick trip to San Diego. We drove down to St George, stayed a night with Lyn and Jill Bridges (parents of some of my former athletes), drove the rest of the way to San Diego, spent a few days, then drove back to St. George for 1 more night, then made it back to Layton in time for Parent Teacher Conferences. After 26 hours in the car in 5 days we were still a happy family. This must be true love. Ashlyn was a surprisingly well-behaved traveler. I think I was much more fussy about being in the car than she was. Of course, she had Elmo, Big Bird, and some Care Bears to keep her entertained. Stefanie and I created this numbers game where we had to find numbers on signs or license plates in order from 1 to 50. It took us all the way from San Diego to home (we got bored at times and put the game on hold). I gave up around 38, but Stef finished it up to 50. The game was more challenging than I thought it would be. Our only rule was that we couldn't use the mile markers.
The Bridges were excellent hosts. Some day they are going to make the best grandparents (they loved spoiling Ashlyn). Ashlyn had a great time playing on their stairs, eating their yummy food, playing with McKay, and playing with McKay's dog, Stone.
Going to SeaWorld on Saturday was the highlight of our trip. The weather was perfect - a nice change from the Utah weather this winter. Ashlyn wanted to swim in every pool we saw - sharks, killer whales, and polar bears didn't scare her at all. We also saw fishies, penguins, Shamu, the dolphins, beluga whales, walruses, turtles, clydesdale horses, birds for chasing, and lots of other kids (Ashlyn loves giving hugs to random kids). One boy kept kicking her when she would try to hug him, but it didn't phase her at all. When we were watching the Shamu show Ashlyn kept saying "Ashy" which is what she says when she wants something. We weren't sure if she wanted to keep one of the whales or just jump in and ride the whales.
We were going to go to the zoo on Sunday, but it was so rainy that we decided to sleep in and then do some shopping instead. We will have to save that for another trip. We are happy that she is so interested in animals.
Here are some pictures from the trip:

This is Stone - he's got the deepest bark, but Ashlyn made friends with him right away.
Ashlyn with Lyn and Jill
On the Bridge's stairsLucky for us, her nap time was during drive time each day
While Stef was asleep . . .
I got bored and played with the camera.

This bed is perfect size

Ashlyn after swimming
Stef and Ashlyn at 'Old Town' in San Diego. Felt like we were in Mexico.
Stef liked the way Ashlyn wrapped her blanky around her like a cape

Arriving at SeaWorld
Getting ready for the Shamu show

Would have been a better picture if Shamu were jumping out of the water right then
She was pretty captivated by the whales
Ash and Dad with the Horsey
Ash and Mom with the Horsey
I know this picture is dark, but I love the grin she is giving
Looking at the white beluga whales
Good thing there was glass here. The polar bear would not have appreciated Ashlyn scratching its behind
This walrus was forever long
Ashlyn wanted to get in and swim with it.
In the polar bear cave

She had a lot of fun chasing the pigeons; we brought this one home with us.

Ashlyn actually wasn't that fascinated with the penguins like we had hoped

Going into the Shark cave
Going deeper into the Shark cave
Difficult to get her to smile

We took Ashlyn on the sky ride overlooking the bay

It was really high and scary

We tried to pet the dolphins
but they got us all wet.
Actually, Ashlyn got it in the face and I got it in the back. I was holding her, and turned around so that the splash wouldn't hit my face.

Her favorite souvenir was this dolphin bath toy
At TGI Fridays on Saturday

Recent Ashlyn Pics

Chocolate Milk Mustache

Socks on the hand in the morning

With Dad's Ipod

In the seats at Simplot - about the only time she wasn't running around on the trip