Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some of Mommy's Favorites

Though it was hard to choose just a few, these are some of my favorite shots of Ashy & Sam from the past 2 or 3 months! Can't believe how fast they grow up :(
I promise I don't really let my 2 year old feed my 6 month old candy!
This is Samantha on her blessing day. She wore the same blessing dress that Ashlyn wore except in a smaller size :)

Ashlyn found a few items in our closet to accent her outfit.

They look like they got caught doing something wrong :)
She reminds me of one of those fuzzy haired things you put on the end of a pencil and when you rub the pencil really fast between your hands the hair poofs out everywhere!

Sam is in this major "spitting" stage right now. She is always making spitting noises.
We sure miss auntie Brooke!

Sam is finally eating (or mostly wearing) solid foods! I don't know how she got so dang chubby on just formula!! She also just got her first tooth :)