Friday, January 25, 2008

Swimming with Mom

Ashlyn and Stefanie went swimming at the Aquatic Center in Clearfield. It has been a while since Ashlyn had been swimming. Here she is modeling her new suit:

New Year's Eve at the Anderson's

Brad and Amber put on a great New Year's Eve party. The other partiers included: the Atwaters, the Johansens, and the Schoenfelds. It was by far the latest Ashlyn has ever stayed up. I think it might have been the latest I've ever stayed up. The highlights of the evening included:
  • The guys clobbered the ladies in the music game (I think Brad knows the words to every song).
  • Ashlyn crawled inside of Spike's cage all by herself and closed the door to the cage; she nearly fell asleep before we found her.
  • I didn't think that Brad's water torture would be that bad, so I took it like a man, with my shirt off, laying down on the frozen driveway. It was much worse than I anticipated.
  • Stef's favorite was the 'chocolate fountain' that Sarah brought.

Brooke's Temple Night

Although it was too cold to get pictures at the temple after Brooke went through for the first time, we still got a few pics at dinner. Not sure why Brooke isn't in any of the pictures. . .

Matt ordered a salad and 1/2 a turkey sandwich.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I got a new camera for the track team, and took a few practice pictures with Ashlyn. She was cooperating and saying "cheese" (unusual). We have a few post-Christmas pictures that will be posted soon.

I like Stef's cute new haircut