Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!!

A few things I love about Ashlyn:
- I love the way she grabs my face with both hands on my cheeks when she really wants my attention. The other night she wanted to watch Finding Nemo, and I was watching the Jazz game, and she kept grabbing my face and making sure that I was looking directly at her instead of at the TV, and she would say "Nemo . . . Nemo . . . Nemo". I couldn't resist; we watched Nemo for the 4th night in a row.
- I love how she is so loving with everything around her. She loves to give hugs and kisses to show her affection. It doesn't even have to be a living thing, it can be inanimate objects like flowers, books, bananas, blankets, anything.
- I love how smart she is. She can already count to 10 on her own, and she can identify almost all of the letters in the alphabet.
- I love the face she makes when she is sad. She has a frown that makes me melt. She doesn't have to cry, all she does is frown and say 'hug'.
- I love how she has last minute requests which we need to follow before she is happily going to bed. "banky" (blanky), "prayer", "hug", "kiss", "love you".
- I love her laugh and her smile.
- I love her cute little running form.
- I love her dancing (and she is even starting to sing a litte).
- I love her energy.
- I love how she wants her independence and wants to do things her own way.

Two years ago today we got the call that she had been born. I wish I had written more at the time, but this is what I found from my journal -

March 29: The baby was born and our lives were changed forever. We were still calling it ‘it’ because we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl. Andrea and Tyler invited us to visit them at the LDS Hospital the following day (Thursday). The news of the birth brought some of the best feelings we had ever had (along with the announcement telling us that we had been chosen). I was hoping that we were going to have a girl. The time that I had been spending with the girls track team really made me want a daughter of my own.
March 30: Stefanie picked me up from the boy’s day of the Super Meet (track) at Davis High a little early and we impatiently drove down to the Hospital - where Stef had spent the day working. It took some control on Stefanie’s part to not find out any details about the baby. When we arrived at the door to Andrea’s room, we stopped for about a minute to really prepare ourselves. Going into the room and seeing the pink blankets and the pink signs, we knew that we were parents to a sweet little girl. It felt like a dream. We were able to spend a few minutes holding her, and she was the most adorable, innocent, beautiful, perfect thing in the world. I remember holding her and not being able to take my eyes off of her. I know that we were talking to Andrea and Tyler and their family, but the only thing that I could focus on was the baby’s cute little face and hands and breathing and everything else about her. We left the hospital feeling so wonderful, but still a little nervous about placement the next day. We were definitely anxious to bring her home. We had decided to call her Ashlyn Michelle. I actually wanted her middle name to be Elizabeth, but I am glad that we went with Michelle–it is both Stefanie’s and Andrea’s middle name as well.

At the hospital - March 30, 2006. One day old.
1st Ride in the car seat on the way home from the agency - March 31, 2006. Two days old.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

We are having a Girl!

March 21st - We found out today that the baby is a girl. The ultrasound was pretty exciting. I have to admit that I was thinking it would be a boy, but Stef was sure it was going to be a girl. I am glad we are having another girl. I think Ashlyn is going to love having a little sister.

When we found out, I sent out a mass text “We are having a GIRL! Couldn’t tell if she has red hair. Now all we need is a name.” These are the responses in order:

“Name her Seth” - Seth Gutzwiller
“I knew it! I am so excited! You can have ‘Grace’ if you want, that is how much I love you guys. Yay! I can’t wait.” - Dianne
“Melissa” - Jeff Agnello
“Aww! That is so exciting. I hope she does have red hair! Do you have any ideas at all for the name?” - Corinne Johnson
“YEAH! Another girl! I am so happy for you guys.” - Darcy
“Congrats!” - Joel
“Congrats! Rogina sounds good.” - Buhrley
“Congratulations! She’s gonna be a cutie.” - Kelsey Valentine
“Jan . . .” - Spencer Anderson
“. . . ette” - Spencer Anderson
“Oh really! That is way exciting! Congrats! I will give you permission to name her Marissa. Ha ha just kidding. I have no idea, when is she due?” - Marissa Eddy
“Congratulations! There are so many good girl names.” - Kim Eddy
“No way! That is so exciting! You have 3 choices for a name: Youlondia, Crasanthimum, or Elizabeth. Just kidding.” - Lizzy Wallin
“Talley!!! Congratulations again!!! She should be called ‘red girl’ after her father :) I like Shaylin or Shandra though.” - Ryan Thomas
“It’s a girl! Name her Jami!” - Jami Dixon
“BROOKLYN!!!” - Brooke Jensen
“Matty” - Matt McFadden
“Yay Talley!!! If she has red hair, I vote you name her Lauren :)” - Lauren Johnson
“Isabelle, Kimberly, Kaylee, Elizabeth . . . that’s all I got right now.” - Erica Petty
“Awesome Dude! Let’s get together and celebrate with you!” - Bob Evans
“Oh that is so so exciting :) You should name it Brit. Ha ha. JK.” - Britin Storey
“Congrats. Bradiffer, Bradalina, Bradgirl, Bradnotboy, Bradjan, are available.” - Brad Anderson
“Oh that’s so exciting! Congratulations :) Sandee Rae Talley like I said :) Ha. Or Sandee could be a middle name!” - Sandee Stapp
“Lisa, Michelle, Alyssa . . . “ - Erica Petty
“Congrats. You should name her Davis :) JK” - Jamie West
“Name her Caleb!” - Caleb Ward
“Hey, so I thought you couldn have a children? Congrats though!” - Jeff Agnello
“Josie. Congrats.” - Joe Wilson
“Thanks for the text! Congrats on the girl. We are excited for you.” - Robbie Allred

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ashlyn's Cousins

Ashlyn and Izzy after a dizzying game of "Ring around the Rosies". We like to sing it: "Ashlyn, Ashlyn, we all fall down."Gabriella is almost ready to run around with her 2 older cousins.
Here we are at Finn's 1st birthday party. (Ashlyn says "Hinn"). The cake was pretty tasty.
This kid is not a cousin, but he has a cruel dad, and I couldn't resist posting the picture.