Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Summer Vacation- Part 1 (Lake Tahoe)

We decided this year to take a "real" family vacation (nothing associated with coaching or a race!) Our main focus and destination was Disneyland... but we wanted to make the most of the loooong drive too! First stop- Lake Tahoe. Beautiful place, nice cool temps and amazing running trails :)

Ashlyn found this homemade 'fishing pole' that someone had left behind on the beach. It consisted of a stick with a long string tied to a giant pine cone. We ended up having to carry it with us everywhere we went for the first two days!

Water temperature was frigid. But that didn't stop either girl from playing in the lake, at least waist deep, until we had to drag them out kicking and screaming :)

Rubicon trail- followed the lake out and back for about 11 miles
We brought Grandma with us although she may have ended up regretting it by about day 4 :)
We almost died in a near head-on collision as this semi truck came speeding toward us on the highway! (ha ha.. it was being towed, backward, by another truck)