Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Eve Festivities

We began our two days of non-stop holiday celebration at Corbin's parents where we spent our time playing games, eating (and eating), and opening a never-ending supply of presents! We were short on cousins this year, but there was still enough joyful noise to fill the house :)

Grandpa explaining the many symbolisms of Christmas. One of these years they will actually remember what everything represents.
Opening all the presents for Grandma's & Grandpa's toy room. Trust me, it's the envy of neighborhood!
Glitter nails with my girls
Ashy wanted to do her own nails :)

Back over to Stef's parents house to sleep.
A little quality cuddling time with Aunt Brookie before going to bed.
Grandma told them an elf brought a big sack and inside were dream lite pillow pets for all the grandkids!

Kind of a waste of a queen sized bed...
Yes, Santa delivered... as usual.