Thursday, March 21, 2013

A reminder of our blessings

Every Christmas we receive some extra special gifts from Ashlyn's birth family. We enjoy opening these packages separately and remembering the amazing gift that was given to us through adoption. Ashlyn's birth-grandparents always pick the perfect gifts for both our girls! We are so grateful for our contact with them.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joy on Christmas Day

Santa brought new bikes!! Too bad it's such a winter wonderland outside..

 New books and coloring books

 One of Sammy's favorite toys- her microphone from Aunt Darcy

 Always posing for the camera!

 Norwegian Christmas brunch. So yummy... soooo full!

 All the Hansen cousins (from L to R): Sammy, Ashlyn, Hayden, Grey, Finn & Jude

 Setting up Grandma's cool new train

 It wouldn't be Christmas day without our 2nd annual "Just Dance" party!

2012 Christmas dresses (thanks Grandma!!)