Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Matt & Amanda's Wedding

We finally got rid of Amanda on May 14, 2008 :) (just kidding!) The Hansen family gained a new member- Matt Sanchez. We think he's pretty cool... he has been in the Jazz locker room and interviewed many of the players! Matt is going to be in sports broadcasting when he grows up :) Amanda & Matt are really good together and we're excited to watch them transition into the "blissful" reality of marriage.

The only time in your life when you can shove food up someone's nose and have them smile lovingly back at you!

Somehow, even though I'm the oldest, I ended up being the shortest.

We had a 'little wait' after the temple ceremony while Amanda was changing and fixing her hair. We used up our camera battery taking pictures before we even saw the bride & groom!

Ashlyn always wants to stop and smell the flowers.

Ashlyn loves her aunt Brookie... who is currently going to med school in "noy" (Illinois). According to Ashy, Brooke is "mart" (smart).

Even though she's wearing a fancy dress and flowers on her wrist, Ashlyn has not yet figured out how to "act like a lady."

Ashlyn and her two cousins, Hayden & Finn.
Impossible to get them all to smile and look at the camera at the same time!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Probably the single greatest day of my life was 9 years ago this Sunday (June 8th, 1999). Looking at the pictures I remember how beautiful Stefanie looked and how wonderful the day felt. I can't believe 9 years have already passed - but I also don't remember life without her. She is even more beautiful and amazing today. I am lucky to have found someone who understands me and is willing keep working on me.

And some of our engagement pictures. I hadn't looked at these in a while, I like them because we both look so young (not that 31 is old).

I love you Stef. Thanks for 9 incredible years full of love and understanding. With many years ahead of us I am sure there will be more good times and difficult times, and I wouldn't want to share them or face them with anyone else. Thanks for staying by my side.