Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Ashlyn was a "pumpkin witch" (as she called it- I think because the costume was orange).

Sam decided to be a kitty cat- but she looked more like a "cat burgler"! Her little black hat was so tight on her head that most of the time she cried when we put in on :( So this was a lucky picture with her 'almost' smiling.

Mommy & Grandma took Ashy & Sam to "Boo at the Zoo" the weekend before Halloween. I sware there must have been a million people there so we didn't do much trick-or-treating (the lines to get candy were ridiculous!!) But Ashlyn could have cared less about the treats. She just wanted to see the animals. She also got to ride the train and the "music-go-round" as she calls it.

I can't keep track of how many times we dressed the girls up in their costumes this year! (ward party, the zoo, grandma's house and the actual holiday, of course) . These are the 4 surviving Talley grandchildren (the little ones anyway). Em, Alec & Isaiah weren't in costume. The other 5 grandchildren are all victims of their parents' selfish needs to live in other states :)