Saturday, July 26, 2008

Island Park Cabin

We were lucky enough to spend a few days with Brad & Amber and Jed & Sara and their families at the Wallin's cabin in Island Park, Idaho. The cabin was perfect (other than the thousands of killer mosquitoes), and we had a great time. It was especially fun for Ashlyn to be with all the other kids. Jed and Sara have 3 girls - Abby (7), Brooke (5), and Kallie (2). Brad and Amber have 3 boys - Ethan (8), Spencer (6), and Ben (3). They all took really good care of Ashlyn.
We had fun swinging in the swing, playing in the river, going on hikes, going into West Yellowstone, playing Cranium, sitting at the campfire, and having marshmellow fights. I also enjoyed a few nice runs with Jed - Brad was jealous because he was injured and couldn't be part of our 'cool kids club'.
It was nice to get away. I think that if I had the opportunity (and the $$), a cabin like this one would be my ideal recreational investment.
All the kids on the porch - the final day at the cabin (l to r) - Ben, Ethan, Spencer, Abby, Kallie, Brooke, and Ashlyn.

Ashlyn and Abby

Ashlyn and Brooke

Stef and her cute pregnant tummy

Brad wouldn't stop throwing things at me. Here he is pictured looking down from the loft (look at the rage in his eyes). When he threw the ball, he missed so bad that it hit the picture on the wall and knocked it off. The frame cracked and Brad blaimed Kallie and Jed had to take the frame home to get it fixed. But I got the best of him in the marshmellow fight (see the Anderson Family Blog for video). It was somewhat of a cheep shot, but I nailed him right in the lip. Plus I can throw marshmellows with a lot more force than he can.The Andersons

The Johansens

Here are the kids on the dock at Big Springs. There were huge Rainbow Trout hanging out under the bridge. We brought cheese for the kids to feed the fish, and the fish seemed to really like it. Good thing we had plenty of cheese. There is no fishing allowed in the springs and people aren't supposed to get in the water, but Jed did try to get some fishing done by throwing his kid's shoe in the river and going in after it - trying to get close to the fish. Brad later threw his kid's shoe in but I heroically chased the shoe down and saved the day.
Ashlyn playing with the salt at the pizza place in West Yellowstone.

Ashlyn petting the buffalo right before she bonked her head trying to walk under the buffalo.

Ashlyn would not get off of the swings. Above - she experienced her first 'underdoggy' and wouldn't stop requesting them (I was getting warn out). Below - on the tire swing at the cabin. It was hard for her to learn to take turns.

Stef with Ashlyn and Kallie (the 2 of them liked to hold hands and play together).

Ashlyn is already looking like a distance runner - hair flowing in the breeze.

Brad and Jed were catching tons of fish and I was left to play with the kids in the creek.

On the porch right before we left the cabin.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Just wanted to put a quick Birthday wish up here for Stefanie. Ashlyn and I love you so much and we are lucky to have you in our lives. The new baby girl (Samantha? Lydia? Esther?) is going to love having you for a mom.
Love ya.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Festivities

We started off our holiday celebration on July 3rd at Grandma Talley's house. It was too hot to do anything outside except swim. Thank goodness Ashlyn still has her cousin Gabrie to play with :)

After we finally forced both girls out of the pool, we walked over to watch the Riverton city parade with Uncle Luke & Aunt Kellie. It didn't take long for Ashy to figure out what the whole point of a parade is... picking up all the candy you possibly can off the road.

The next day, July 4th, we got up VERY early to watch Dad win a 5k race in Kaysville (but we forgot to take pictures!) Then we spent the rest of the day with the Hansen side of the family. Ashlyn finally got to go to the zoo (she had been talking about seeing the "animals" for days).
That big black thing in the window is a gorilla!

Ashlyn was pretty fascinated by the giraffes, especially the little baby giraffe.

Riding the zoo train with Grandma Hansen.

Fireworks at the Talleys... Ashlyn only got one sparkler because Corbin & Kiley did all the rest!

Watching the "big" fireworks with the Hansens. Matt is showing off some of his "skills."

Grandma Hansen bought like 500 glow sticks so we had to come up with some creative ways to use them all :)