Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lots of Smiles

Samantha turns 2 months today! She has been growing quickly. She can really pound down the milk. We like her chubby cheeks and chin. She has started smiling quite a bit, but mostly in the morning when Stef is there to see it.

Ashlyn has been a great older sister - she loves giving kisses and helping with Samantha. But she has also been a very sympathetic crier. We can't keep her from getting sad every time Sam cries.

Ready for the winter.
This is a picture from the merri-go-round at the State Fair

Some Family Pictures

We were at Dianne & Kiley's baby blessing - I guess I could say Parker's baby blessing and we took a few family pictures in the Newbold's back yard and some other pictures with the family:

Grandpa, Darcy, Alec, and Sam
Stefanie, Sam, Dianne, and Parker: