Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend In St. George

We are in St. George with Stefanie's family (mom, dad, Brooke). We spent most of today (Saturday) at Zions National Park. We took Ashlyn on a hike to a waterfall, and she walked over a mile - it is the farthest she has ever gone. It was slow moving, but she handled it just fine. I was impressed. She seems to really like trail-running :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Getting into stuff

I haven't posted in a long time - it was a busy month with track stuff, but here are some recent pics of Ashlyn (and Gabri and Kiley) being cute.

Getting her hands deep into my scalp.

Getting all of her diaper stuff into her new bed with her.

Getting into Dad's underwear drawer.

Kiley getting into his girly side.

Getting into Gabri's birthday cake.

Getting into Hayden's birthday cake.

Getting out of her clothes and into the Gunn's swimming pool. (Doesn't Stef look so cute?)

Gabri getting into the drawer.