Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ashlyn's 8th Birthday & Friend Party at the Lion House

When I turned 8, I had a "special" birthday party at the Lion House in downtown Salt Lake City. My mom wanted Ashlyn to have the same experience, so she arranged for her to have her friend party there this year, the day before she turned eight. The kids were out of school for Spring break that Friday which worked out perfectly! It's hard to believe that they are still hosting birthday parties there after all these years. There is  much of our pioneer heritage and our faith symbolized in every intricate structure and decoration within the walls of this beautiful old house. The girls loved the special, fancy party and actually enjoyed hearing the history and stories from those early days of the saints here in Utah.
They had to stop and see all the sights between the parking garage and the Lion House :).
Getting ready to go inside.
The birthday girl in her "special" pioneer chair!
Pioneer history trivia
For the most part, they really listened to everything the hostess had to say.
Taking a tour of the outside of the Lion House. I love that Ashy is holding Sammy's hand :).
Counting the gable windows on the top floor of the Lion House.
Playing "Hide the Thimble"
Making homemade taffy
Birthday cake!!!
The party girls :)

Getting ready to open presents
I was so excited that they still give the birthday girl a doll at the end of the party! I got one when I had my party there and I still have it. Ashy's doll is a lot nicer!
At this point, all the other girls said they wanted to have their next birthday party at the Lion House too!! :)

We let the girls walk around Temple Square a little bit before driving home.

It was such a beautiful day! No one wanted to go home :).
Love this little girl with all our hearts :)

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